The Ketogenic Living 101 program is run by Sandi Korshnak, a certified Ketogenic Living Coach. In these eight weeks together we will eliminate all of the processed foods and snacks from your pantry. Each week we will focus on fueling your body with real food; delicious, whole foods and of course the healthy fats. I’ll help you adjust your macros as needed to get your body fat adapted. You will receive the Keto 101 Program Guide with a two week cleanse guide. You will refer to it often! I also send you tips, recipe ideas and daily motivation. Weekly live Q&A’s also take place in my group.

What else do you get?

Upon purchase of the class below, I will send you my client form. This needs to be sent back to me so I can see what your goals/expectations are.

The next step is a phone call where I will review the form you sent. If you have any questions or concerns, they can be addressed at this time as well.

Then it’s time to begin class! In our online classes, I’ll go over what exactly ketosis is and how you achieve it, and what the benefits are.

I’ll teach you what macros are and how to apply them to body. You will also learn how to accurately track your food to make sure you are doing keto correctly. You will be required to send me screenshots of your food intake logs daily. Each person in the class will receive a personalized keto plan based on their goals. This plan is easy to follow. You’ll also receive recipes daily.

We will go over prepping and meal plans. There is no need to be fancy in your meal prep. Don’t like avocados? No problem! I don’t either. Don’t like bacon? Gasp! There’s no reason to eat any food you don’t like. I don’t eat broccoli, cauliflower or avocado! Those seem to be the staples of keto. But, I’ve been doing ok so far! If you are eating properly, according to your macros, you should NOT be hungry. A good portion of this journey is going to be a mental one. Snacking out of boredom, stress or habit is going to be tough to break, but once you do it, you are fast on your way to success!

Each week we will measure your progress as we work through the program. You’ll be tracking your food/water intake daily. Each day you will upload your log to my private group. I will review it and help you make adjustments specific to your personal goals. This also helps you stay accountable! Every Sunday we do weights and measurements. Don’t worry! You don’t have to post it in the group! It get emailed to me privately.

We will all work together in a private facebook group. There will be others there, so you will all cheer each other on as you get closer to your goal! You will benefit by being in a group setting. I encourage everyone to ask questions and help to motivate each other.

This eight week class is $199. Once I receive your payment, a waiver and Client Intake form will be emailed to you!
If you are ready to finally make the change, click here to sign up!