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As a keto coach I often get asked what kind of pre packaged snacks I recommend for On-the-Go. These are products that my family uses on a regular basis.  Check out the links under each image so you get my discount code! 

Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks
are the perfect clean protein snack for on-the-go. Made with grass fed/grass finished beef and organic spices they are healthy and delicious. Plus, they are preserved using natural fermentation and as a result are full of gut-healthy probiotics. Adults who care about their health love them and even kids go crazy for them because the flavor is outstanding. In fact, we were even given an award for Top Snack of the Year by Paleo Magazine!
Keto Farms

We make clean foods for healthy keto living. So you can live and feel your best. Wherever life takes you.
Primal Kitchen

Made with Real Ingredients
Primal Kitchen pantry staples are free of preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients. No dairy, gluten, grains, or soy. Paleo friendly and primal approved.
Select Savory Seasonings
Add Flavor to Your Food, Not Sugar
Are you tired of additives, fillers and ingredients that you can’t pronounce? Check out our All Natural,
Additive Free Spices, Seasonings and Blends.