Ketogenic Living 101 Private Coaching



This is for One on One Coaching
This class can be started at any time! It runs for 8 weeks.

  • The Complete Ketogenic Living 101 Program Guide
  • Personal Keto Health Assessment
  • Calculating and Setting your Personal Macros
  • Two Week Carb Cleanse Menu
  • Daily Keto Recipes
  • Daily Feedback on Your Food Logs
  • Private Support in person or via video chat
  • Easy Workouts to Add to Your Busy Day (can be done in person or via video chat)
  • Meal Prep Tips and Ideas
  • Sandi’s Personal Meal Planning Form
  • Weekly meeting to shop, clean out your pantry, food prep, workout or whatever other support you need.
  • Access to Ketogenic Living Coach Sandi Korshnak for Personal Coaching and Support
  • Introduction to Intermittent Fasting


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