How did I start keto? How did I go from eating probably 300 plus grams of carbs a day down to under 20?

When I started my weight loss journey three years ago, I did not go full blown keto. I didn’t even know keto existed. My husband was trying to do low carb. The foods he was eating seemed ok. “I can do that” I thought to myself. Meat, cheese, occasional pasta and or potatoes. He had a salad every night. All good food, right?  So I began. Pretty soon I was really enjoying it, as well as the results!

A Little Background

If you know me, you know that I LOVE my coffee! Like, really love my coffee! It must be from all those years on night shift. There was one problem with my coffee. I liked it super light and super sweet! My coffee was my biggest hurdle that I had to get over to go low carb. I had somewhere along the way downloaded a food tracker to keep track of my carb intake. My daily coffee was weighing in at 50 grams of carbs. That was a HUGE eye opener for me. I started weaning myself off the sugar and half and half and decided I was just going to drink it black. It took some getting used to, but I think I can accurately say that I probably drink more now, if that’s possible.

black coffee goes great with a keto diet

Like most, I went to Pinterest to look for new food ideas. As I searched low carb meals, I kept seeing the word keto. What the heck is keto? As I did more research, I really liked what I was finding. It was food that taste delicious. The food was filling. I wasn’t hungry all day like I normally was when I dieted. And I was losing weight! How strange! How can this be right?

As I got further into keto, I went more hardcore. I began reading labels for ingredients, not just looking at the carb count. I was doing research on the ingredients in the foods I was buying and decided that since I was a cancer survivor, I wanted to go super clean to hopefully reduce my chance of recurrence.

I Know Someone Who Tried It and Said It Didn’t Work

I often hear a people tell me that keto didn’t work for them. Once I start asking them questions, I find that many of those people don’t really understand keto. They feel like the weight should drop overnight. Keto is a healing way of eating. Or they feel that as long as they keep their carb count low, they can eat whatever they want. As you get further into it, and stay CLEAN keto, it does help to heal your body. So, the weight may not fall off quickly. Every body is different and we all have our own journey to take. Many think I lost my weight quickly, but, if you average it out, it took me two and a half years to lose 120 pounds. That’s less than a pound a week! Of course there were times I lost faster and times I lost slower.

Other Issues Factor Into Weight Loss

Stress, sleep, and other illnesses all factor into how you lose the weight. When I started I had hypothyroidism, I was prediabetic, I had high blood pressure, and I was still suffering from side effects from going through treatment for breast cancer. I can now say three years later, I have come off all my blood pressure pills, and I am no longer prediabetic. My cholesterol is fantastic. Since then, I have moved to a new primary doctor that supports my way of eating.

Where Can I Find Help?

To get the most out of following a ketogenic diet, you should do your research, so you know WHY you are eating the foods you are and what exactly it’s doing to your body. That’s where hiring a coach can help! My eight-week program breaks down the whys and hows of keto and explains it to you so it’s easy to understand. I help you figure out what foods are ok to eat and not ok to eat. I also give you a new recipe every day to help keep it fresh and help you to not get bored of the same foods over and over.

steak is a great meal choice for a keto diet

How do you sign up? You can give me a call to discuss it more, or you can head over to my shop to sign up. I offer both group classes (these start the first Monday of each month) or you can do a private class. These can start any time.

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weight loss on the keto diet

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