Getting Through The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us! As we all hustle and bustle through the Holidays, there’s usually one person we forget to put on our list. Ourselves.

Taking time to slow down, relax, and just focus on your own metal and physical health is important. Sadly, it’s the one thing we often overlook.


This month we will start a routine where we do the following;

Practice Self Care



Stay Hydrated

Enjoy Your Family


Holidays self care gratitude

Prepare for Family Visits During the Holidays

Simple Crockpot Recipes

Set Realistic Expectations

Breakfast Prep-Do NOT Spend All Day in the Kitchen

Dealing with Different Dietary Needs

Quick Lunch Ideas

Holiday family meals

Holiday Parties

Great Covered Dish Recipes

Simple Appetizers

Stay Keto at a Party

Keto Mixed Drinks

Keto Desserts for Parties

Holiday party food

Simple Stretches and Workouts to Relieve Stress During the Holidays

10 Minute HIIT

How to Get Gym Time Even if you Can’t Get to the Gym

15 Minutes of Stretching

Me Time

Workout Class, Gym or Workout At Home, Which is Best?

These are all topics I will be going over this month. Stay tuned for more. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

destress during holiday

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31 days of accountability through Holidays

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Don’t forget to check back in next week as we expand more on this subject!

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