One of the first things someone asks me when they inquire about keto is “what kids of sweeteners can I use?” There are a few different options for keto, and in those options of sweeteners, there are many many options for brands. While it’s good that you want to get healthy and want to cut sugar, for many people, it’s the sweet taste that causes the cravings. So, you may be better off holding all sweeteners until you hit your goal weight. Or at least until those strong cravings of the first few weeks go away. 
Martina from theketodiet app made this great blog post about sweeteners for the ketogenic diet. She says it all WAY better than I can, so be sure to check it out. 

This post is about the brands of sweeteners, and how label reading is SO important! I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a store, grabbed something and left, thinking I was getting something that was ok for a ketogenic diet, onlyto find out when I got home that it was not keto. In fact, most of the time it had actual sugar in it! That’s one of my biggest pet peeves! 

In the first two examples below, you’ll see they are both the Truvia brand. They look similar. But one is mixed with sugar. 

The next two examples are made by Splenda. They both say Stevia on the front, but you’ll notice that the first one is blended with maltodextrin, while the second is mixed with erythritol.


ketogenic sweeteners

The following graphic is probably the one that makes me the maddest. Stevia in the raw. I would assume, and did, that it’s JUST stevia, in it’s purest form. Nope! Not only is it mixed with dextrose, but there’s more dextrose than stevia in it! 

Sweet Leaf, again, mixed with sugar. 

But, the drops appear to be ok. 

Truvia, again, but this time in packets. These can be found in Dollar General on sale quite often. These are ok. This is the same mix as the small canisters if you are looking for scoopable or spoonable. 

keto sweeteners

Packets of stevia or other sweeteners are great to keep on hand if you frequent coffee shops. Again, just keep an eye on the ingredients list. 

Swerve makes a few different sweeteners, granulated, confectioners, and brown. All are ok for keto. They measure 1 to 1 with sugar, and are available to me locally. 

Xylo Sweet is one that I had never hear of. We were in a Whole Foods or some other grocery store (that’s what we do when on vacation haha ) and I came across it. I’ve never tried xylitol before so I bought it. Heads up to anyone with animals. Xylitol is very toxic to dogs and cats, so aware of that if you want to try it. Keep them out of the goodies! 

low carb sugars

Brown Sugar and Confectioners Replacements

Next is brown sugar and confectioners sugar replacements. If you can’t find confectioners sugar replacement locally, you can grind down your granulated to make your own. 

Lakanto and Swerve both make good brown sugar replacements. Sukrin Gold is another one, and the one that I used until my local store started selling the Swerve Brown. 

The Truvia brown sugar, again, is a blend, mixed with sugar and molasses. Not keto approved. 

low carb sweeteners

With all of that being said, how do I know what is ok and what isn’t? 

This list is one that I put together of hidden names for sugar. I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed or that have been added since I made this list, but this will give you a good head start! Print this list and take it with you to the grocery store until you get a feel for what’s ok and what isn’t. 

other names for sugar

I know it’s all pretty confusing, and it can be that way for a while when you get started. That’s what I am for! Let me help! I can help you figure out what foods are ok and which ones aren’t.

My group classes start the first Monday of each month.  

Grab a buddy and sign up. We’ll have fun getting healthy together! 

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